Hungry Little Minds Story Trail Survey

Hello, we would like to ask your thoughts on the Story Trail you attended. Your feedback is vital for making our offer as good as possible for families. We are keen to hear your honest opinions. The survey asks your thoughts about the story trail as well as what your child thought about it. Please fill in the survey together if possible so you can ask their opinion too.

The survey should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. 

All completed surveys will enter a prize draw for a bag of children’s books and activities. 

All your personal details are saved according to GDPR and not share with any third parties. You can find out more here:

1. Do you have access to a garden?


2. How often do you...

Every day or almost every dayA couple of times a weekAbout once a weekA couple of times a monthAbout once a monthRarely or never
read with your child?
visit the park where you took part in Story Trail with your child?
play outside with your child?