Story Quest family pre-survey


1. Story Quest: Families Form - 1a

Sport England is helping to fund this project. They need to know what impact their funding is having. We are helping Sport England to collect information from all participants that engage with our project. Sport England is being supported in its evaluation of this project by the social research company Substance ( Information will be shared with Substance for them to assess the impact of the overall fund. Data will not include your name or contact details but will include other personal information such as your - and your children’s - gender, age and postcode. All data will be stored securely both by us and Substance. At the end of the project, all personal data will be destroyed securely. Data will be analysed at a project level meaning it will not be possible to identify individual people. The data and analysis will be shared with us and Sport England. No other organisation will have access to your data and it will not be used for any other purposes. Findings from the evaluation will be published but not in a way that would make it possible to identify anyone. You have the right not to answer any of the questions asked. You can change your mind at any time about participating, but you will need to inform Storienteering.

1. ‘I understand why Story Quest want to collect my personal data and what will happen to my details’


2. I understand that Story Quest will share my personal data with Substance and Sport England’


3. ‘I understand I have the right not to answer questions if I don't want to and that I can withdraw at any time’


4. I consent to the National Literacy Trust using my data to contact me about Story Quest and future Stoke Reads activity.


5. Please give us your full name


6. Please write down your email address so we can keep you up to date with other Story Quest events. We will also send you one follow-up survey, which will help up demonstrate the impact of our work. *


7. What is your first Story Quest location? *